CRM Integrations

Better Customer Service and Quality with a CRM Integration

Integrating your phone and CRM system offers a host of benefits many business owners aren’t aware of. Increased quality, customer service and cost-savings is just a few of them.

Looking even closer, here’s a handful of key ways your business can take advantage of a CRM integration:

Streamline your tracking.
Date of call, time of call and who, on your team, completed the call is important information you’ll now have access to. Proactive information about your customer will help you achieve customer satisfaction and data cost-savings, in the long-run.

Get access to data that matters.
Data at your fingertips, with two important systems in collaboration, will give you access to data that can drive your company or marketing decisions, both short-and long-term.

Integrate your current systems.
A phone and CRM system can typically integrate with most current systems, a simple and efficient cost-saving solution.

Call from anywhere. 
Your team will spend less time searching for phone numbers and give your staff the ability to dial from any device, anywhere. As a bonus, the information will automatically log in/with your systems.

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What’s the difference?

Traditional phone numbers versus Virtual phone numbers

Even though virtual phone numbers and regular phone numbers work the same, there are key differences between the two. First, area codes don’t really matter when it comes to VoIP phone systems. Unlike regular phone numbers, virtual ones work independently of location. This means you’ll be able to choose a phone number with any area code you choose.

Second, landline phone numbers are linked to a specific device, usually a landline phone you can have at home or in your office. Virtual phone numbers can be linked to many devices, which allows users to make voice calls not only from a landline but also from a smartphone or a computer. All you need to make the call is the virtual phone number! This provides businesses with greater flexibility and freedom of use, which is key in today’s world.

Virtual phone numbers will allow you to measure your marketing efforts by tracking the number of calls you receive from prospects that are coming from all your social media platforms. This way, you can adjust your efforts however necessary to make sure your prospects can contact you whenever they need it.

These two key differences make it possible to understand exactly why VoIP phone systems have become so popular among businesses. They are convenient, flexible, easy to use and they contribute to successful communication not only with clients but also with partners and team members. 

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