Faxing Simplified with ThreePBX

With ThreePBX Digital Faxing Services access your incoming faxes in your email inbox and read them on your computer or mobile device.

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Simplified Online Faxing

Safely exchange electronic faxes with anyone, anytime, from any gadget. You may put away the fax machine at last.

Secure Faxing

The data you send and receive with ThreePBX's internet fax solution is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Easy Installation

With an internet fax service, you can send and receive faxes immediately without investing in costly gear.

Productivity Booster

Allow your staff to be as efficient as possible by enabling faxing from any internet-connected device.

Reduced Fax Costs

Eliminate cost on fax equipment, supplies, repairs, and replacements by using less of everything.

Stay Paperless

Organize your documents as you see fit by just printing the necessary faxes. Eliminating paper will stop you from sorting through printed fax sheets to find your desired document.

Instant Activation

Eliminate the need for expensive gear and a lengthy set-up process with an internet fax solution that is immediately operational. Assign a fax number to a team member by Simply clicking a button.

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Next Level of Fax Technology

  • Fax huge documents, send to multiple recipients, create personalized cover sheets, and more thanks to this new functionality.

  • Organize your documents as you see fit by just printing the necessary faxes.

  • Cloud-based solutions for businesses to scale based on demand without having to invest in excess capacity.

  • Save your faxes to a drive or computer.

  • Easy to share amongst your team.


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System setup and onboarding

Once agreements are signed,  We will set up your phones, configure your system and train your team with all they need. 

Dedicated long-term support

We are here to support you and your team 24/7. Whatever your query or problem, you are one click away from a solution.

ThreePBX Faxing Pricing

Pricing Table

Fax 1500

$9.99 /user/monthly
  • Local/ Toll Free:Yes
  • Never Busy:No
  • Inbound Included:750
  • Outbound Included:750

Fax Unlimited

$17.95 /user/monthly
  • Local/ Toll Free:Yes
  • Never Busy:No
  • Inbound Included:Unlimited
  • Outbound Included:Unlimited

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Frequently Asked Questions

ThreePBX phone service is designed to meet your business needs, so yes, it is highly likely for you to keep your existing phone number. As long as the active voice/fax number is portable, which it usually is via federal guidelines that we can facilitate the transition. In fact, we can even confirm this for you as part of our discovery call.

We can use your existing VoIP phones if you are already on a Cloud Based VoIP system. We also have options to make calls using our application through computer or mobile options if that is a business preference for you.

No, you will not experience any delay as we work. Your phone lines will continue to run during the transition.

No upgrade is necessary as long as you have a broadband connection (not DSL). You can make/receive 10 calls simultaneously while only using 1MB bandwidth as our codec uses 100 KBps per phone call. Our technology is designed to make your life easier.

We like to ensure minimal disruption to business operations if and when an issue arises. No, you will not lose phone service if your internet connection goes down. The hosting site where your phone server is located will continue to function, however your phones will not ring due to the internet connection being down.

No, you will not be bound to any long-term commitments with Three PBX. We are confident about the service and technology we provide our customers, which is why we are also confident that we will earn your trust over time.


Our standard contract works on a monthly payment basis. However, we also provide more tailored packages that accommodates your business needs and budgets. If you do require a long-term contract, this will come with an added benefit of reduced rates.

Yes, you can use your cell for VoIP without having to disclose your personal cell number. Our service is very easy to use on your mobile device with our ThreePBX mobile app, which provides your phone with a business line. You will also be able to keep your employee’s phone numbers hidden from your customers.

At ThreePBX, we look to create a complete business phone system experience for you and your employees. The transition from another provider can be complicated, yes, however we overlook the set-up of the system from start to finish as well as any changes your business requires.

We have VoIP integration with Salesforce, Zoho CRM, HubSpot and more.

Switching over to VoIP is quite a common and simple process. In fact, having an internet facility enables us to provide you with more features that can optimise your business function. The first step is to sign up with ThreePBX, which will permit us to start the phone number porting process. On completion of this process, you will then be able to cancel the existing plan you have.

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What’s the difference?

Traditional phone numbers versus Virtual phone numbers

Even though virtual phone numbers and regular phone numbers work the same, there are key differences between the two. First, area codes don’t really matter when it comes to VoIP phone systems. Unlike regular phone numbers, virtual ones work independently of location. This means you’ll be able to choose a phone number with any area code you choose.

Second, landline phone numbers are linked to a specific device, usually a landline phone you can have at home or in your office. Virtual phone numbers can be linked to many devices, which allows users to make voice calls not only from a landline but also from a smartphone or a computer. All you need to make the call is the virtual phone number! This provides businesses with greater flexibility and freedom of use, which is key in today’s world.

Virtual phone numbers will allow you to measure your marketing efforts by tracking the number of calls you receive from prospects that are coming from all your social media platforms. This way, you can adjust your efforts however necessary to make sure your prospects can contact you whenever they need it.

These two key differences make it possible to understand exactly why VoIP phone systems have become so popular among businesses. They are convenient, flexible, easy to use and they contribute to successful communication not only with clients but also with partners and team members. 

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