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ThreePBX Phone offers a complete All-in-One phone system service that will elevate your business. Our service is super easy to use on any mobile device or office phone. The mobile app, which gives your phone a Business-line. You will be able to separate business calls and personal calls while keeping employee phone numbers hidden from customers.

But there’s more to our services! We create a complete business phone system across for your employees. This allows for auto-attendants, call transfers, hunt groups, conference calling, call recording, and so many other features to manage your team.

If your business is not going mobile just yet, you can still use traditional phones and softphones to your advantage. Calls will simultaneously ring on your desk phone, computer and mobile phone, and you’ll be able to answer on any device you choose as well as transfer calls between the devices without losing the call. In short, ThreePBX is a complete cloud VoIP phone system that provides all the features of traditional phone systems and more, without having to invest in hardware, phone lines or wires.

ThreePBX will replace traditional phone systems usually used by businesses with On premise PBX, Companies paying too much on monthly phone bills, Companies that have remote employees. Our services are available on mobile phones, computer and traditional desk phones as well, allowing your business to have an integrated phone system that only requires a high-speed Internet connection to function.

Yes, you can definitely use desk phones with ThreePBX! In fact, most people decide to keep their old SIP/IP desk phones and simply reuse them with ThreePBX. However, if you want to make an upgrade, we support many modern desk phone providers as well.

When you have a phone system already in place, which is usually the case, the switch to ThreePBX won’t be disruptive at all because everything can be kept as it is. If you want to upgrade but don’t want to make big changes or retrain employees, switching to ThreePBX will be the right decision. You’ll be able to keep the same numbers, extensions, auto-attendants, call groups and business processes. Employees will come in the day after the ThreePBX switch and they will be dialing the same numbers as ever and pressing the same buttons to reach others. ThreePBX allows you to move into the future while retaining your old investment and with nonexistent disruption.

In a nutshell, VoIP uses the Internet instead of a phone network, known as Publicly Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), to make phone calls.


You should choose our ThreePBX Phone System because we offer 99.99% uptime, many amazing features and a fully managed system,24/7 Customer Service, all at a low cost. So low that business will be able to save 1o to 60 percent on their phone bill.

Switching to a VoIP provider is quite common because using the Internet actually allows us to provide more features. If you want to come on over to ThreePBX, the first step is sign up and begin the phone number porting process. Once the port is complete call your current provider and cancel only the phone plan you currently have in place.

The ThreePBX System is designed to send you alerts before answering business calls, so the calls can be programmed to be received only during your scheduled business hours.

No, it won’t be complicated at all! We will configure your phone system exactly the way you needed and we’ll make changes as necessary until you’re 100% satisfied. This means you don’t have to do a thing! As a business owner, your job is to focus entirely on your business, so we’ll focus on tailor your phone system to your needs.

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial period and you won’t need a credit card for it!

All phones are purchased. Leased programs are to be discussed with our Sales Division.

Yes, we offer nonprofits a 10% discount and it’s not combinable with other promotions or discounts.

Our service is only available in the United States.

Yes, we do offer annual billing discounts

We’ve also heard bad things about call quality with VoIP, but the good news is Voip has been around since the early 1900’s and technology has improved the service quite a lot in recent years. Most call quality issues are caused by network connectivity issues, which have been improved by technology. Now VoIP companies and consumers in general have access to better, faster Internet networks, which has tremendously improved call quality. Making as good if not better than landline calls.

Yes, you can take the phones with you to the new location or add more phones if you need to. Our VoIP phones work with an IP address; IP addresses don’t have a physical location, which means you can move the phones anywhere as long as there’s high-speed Internet connection.

No, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use our services. ThreePBX will take care of all your maintenance needs as long as you have an active plan. What’s more, our phone system is designed for quick setup thanks to the plug and play method, so you won’t have any issues with it.

Yes, you can take your number with you when you travel. It can be your current number, a new number, a toll-free number or even an international number thanks to mobile VoIP.

Yes, you can! However, you’ll need the ThreePBX app to do this. This custom mobile app will allow you to use your VoIP numbers on your smartphone very easily.

Yes, VoIP has great features indeed! You can check out a complete list of features at and see for yourself. We also add new features as they become available, so the list will continue growing!

Yes, almost all VoIP calls are encrypted. If you want to learn more about VoIP security, please contact us at 877-771-7464

You can sign up for VoIP via through or website or by calling one of our sales departments.

All you’ll need is a computer or smartphone, a high-speed Internet connection and an IP phone or ATA adapter.

No, your computer doesn’t need to be on unless you’re using a softphone. With the VoIP, you’ll only need an active broadband Internet connection to make calls. If you need the active broadband connection to be available for multiple phones, you may have to get a router that will provide enough Internet connections.

E911” stands for Enhanced 911. It associates your phone number to a physical address so emergency services can reach you quickly and easily.

Yes, we have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all Voice Plans. So if you’re not 100% satisfied, you’ll get a refund.

We offer both month-to-month voice plans and long-term contracts to suit your needs and they all include discounts that will save you money on hardware and voice plans as well.

A multi-level IVR is an optional alternative to the Auto-Receptionist and the main difference is it provides more powerful options to route incoming calls. Multi-level IVR is also more flexible because it allows you to create a structured, multiple-layer phone routing menu. This way you can route calls to any extension, to voicemail or to an external number, which is ideal for managing multiple locations under one account.

No, you don’t have to manage your phone system on your own. The fully trained staff at ThreePBX is available 24/7 to make any changes you need to your phone.

Yes! As long as the phone number provided by your prior company is still active, it can be easily ported without any hassle at all.

No, you don’t need to have a business landline once you make the switch to ThreePBX. You can cancel your contract for the business landline and simply adopt broadband or naked fibre.

Yes, that’s not a problem at all! All you need for ThreePBX to work is a high-speed Internet connection.

Yes, ThreePBX is available in the entire country and it works with any phone carrier and any network. It will work well as long as your Wi-Fi connection, 5G, 4G and 3G mobile data is configured correctly, so make sure that’s the case. You will be happy to know that when the connection is too slow for the service to work properly it will simply drop down to carrier voice mode. So whatever happens, the service will be available.

Call quality with ThreePBX is guaranteed to be better than landlines. As long as your Internet connection and 5G and 4G mobile data are configured property, the call quality will be 100% High Definition. On 3G mobile data, the quality will drop from HD, but it will still have the quality you’re used to for mobile calls. If you don’t have a good Internet connection or the signal is not very good, you can use ThreePBX in Carrier Mode. This means the calls are delivered through your phone’s voice connection, so the call quality will be the same as your normal calls. Each call gets rated from 1 to 5 to keep track of the quality of service of the call.

ThreePBX requires a good connection to make and take calls. So, if you don’t have an Internet connection or it happens to be very slow, ThreePBX can use your 4G data plan. If the phone reception is poor in your area, you can allow ThreePBX to use carrier minutes for the calls. If you do this, the system will still disguise your private phone number and it will ensure no charges are placed on your personal phone bill.

Yes, you can transfer calls you receive on your mobile phone. You can do this blindly, which means you send over the call to another teammate or you can announce the call transfer.

The process of porting your numbers can take anywhere between 5 to 20 days, depending on the provider you’re currently working with. And no, your phone number won’t be offline during this time! So you won’t miss any calls and will be able to continue working as usual. Once the porting process is done, the calls will be received on ThreePBX.


ThreePBX is aimed at any business looking to provide more mobility for employees and an overall improved experience for clients. Some of our clients have as little as 3 employees, while others have over 200 people on their payroll in multiple countries around the world. Size doesn’t matter to us, what matters is providing a service that will allow you to take your business to the next level. So, yes, ThreePBX will work perfectly for your business and we’ll prove it once you contact us!

We all love our phones and employees are no exception, so allowing them to use their phones at work will be a great benefit for them. ThreePBX is designed to protect employee privacy and keep work-related calls separate. This way employees will be able to user their phones at work without having to worry about their data security or mixing their personal information up. This will prevent employees from owning two different phones, which is a great advantage for many and it will save your business some money.

ThreePBX protects employee privacy in three different ways. First, their personal phone number is masked so no one can call them directly. Second, we understand how important it is to separate personal time from work, so we make that possible by ensuring customers can’t call outside working hours. And third but not least, we make sure your employees are not charged by any calls on behalf of the company.

You will only need one line to make things work. Unlike old telephone lines that engage only with one call, your line can have as many as 1,000 calls on just one phone number.

Old telephone lines are busy while they’re on a call. But, as mentioned above, you can have as many as 1,000 concurrent calls on a single line. In other words, you can tend to many different calls at once and your line won’t be busy.

Yes, of course! You can have an internal number in any country you want. We can set up local numbers in 56 different countries, so make sure you consult with us to learn more!

The experience for employees overseas with ThreePBX will be the same as it is for employees in the office. They will be able to make and answer calls, transfer calls, be part of any team, belong to calling groups and much more. They only need to have an Internet connection or 4G mobile data. Enabling a global business phone system is possible without dealing with international call costs, complicated maintenance or setup.

As long as you have an Internet connection, you will still be able to make and take calls from anywhere in the world. You’ll also be able to transfer calls and have calls transferred to you without any additional cost. Many of our clients buy a prepaid SIM card when they travel so they can always rely on 4G mobile data if they can’t find Internet access.

Our policy here at ThreePBX is based on fair and reasonable use. We care about making sure everyone has access to a high-quality business phone system at a fair price. If you want to learn more about our policy, don’t hesitate to check out our website and get familiar with all things ThreePBX.

For more information, visit the ThreePBX Knowledge Base

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What’s the difference?

Traditional phone numbers versus Virtual phone numbers

Even though virtual phone numbers and regular phone numbers work the same, there are key differences between the two. First, area codes don’t really matter when it comes to VoIP phone systems. Unlike regular phone numbers, virtual ones work independently of location. This means you’ll be able to choose a phone number with any area code you choose.

Second, landline phone numbers are linked to a specific device, usually a landline phone you can have at home or in your office. Virtual phone numbers can be linked to many devices, which allows users to make voice calls not only from a landline but also from a smartphone or a computer. All you need to make the call is the virtual phone number! This provides businesses with greater flexibility and freedom of use, which is key in today’s world.

Virtual phone numbers will allow you to measure your marketing efforts by tracking the number of calls you receive from prospects that are coming from all your social media platforms. This way, you can adjust your efforts however necessary to make sure your prospects can contact you whenever they need it.

These two key differences make it possible to understand exactly why VoIP phone systems have become so popular among businesses. They are convenient, flexible, easy to use and they contribute to successful communication not only with clients but also with partners and team members. 

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